Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I like a lot of people have a few crochet WIPS on the go.  One of them is a blanket for my eldest boy.  He has been rightly complaining that I haven't made him a blanket yet.  I have in excess of 50 blocks made for him and as of yesterday evening I have now got 60 blocks.  My target is approx. 75 blocks as he is a young teenager so I want that it fits him.  So 75 blocks plus a border should be sizeable, but I will check this again once I have reached my target figure!

Crochet granny squares by Craftyfrogshop

The weather was beautiful yesterday so I crocheted outside.  The boys were busy in and out of the house, but I was kept company in the form of my two cavs!

Ok she is fixated on leaves or anything that might move when there's any breeze, so when we have a proper wind she's a bit of a nightmare only because she is distracted by it and wants to chase leaves (I blame her ears !)

Being in Ireland, when there's sun and a bit of a breeze it's good drying weather!!!

perfect granny squares

I am loving choosing colours for this blanket.  My orders are no pink or girly colours, well I am choosing to ignore it slightly because it'll make a very dreary blanket.  What I love about crochet is the colour!  For me it's all about the colour, wouldn't you agree?  When I grow up maybe I will go for more serious colours, but well I haven't reached that stage yet!

By the way I can't shout enough about it but this lady's tutorial on making the perfect square is just superb.  In a nutshell you start your first round, then flip over the yarn and attach your new colour (I tie a knot) and then start your second round, flip over your square, attach new colour and start your third round, flip over your square and now start round 4 and continue in this manner till you have reached the desired size of your granny.


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