Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Schools round the corner

My boys start back at school next week.  I have to say this month flew by, I can't say the same for the previous two months.  I still have to buy some books but I'll get there, no panic.

A couple of my customers asked if I do solid colour hairclips and the answer was not before but I will if you want me to.  So in came bottle green and solid navy into my fabric stash.  Such a great idea!  Thinking red clips would work too, solid red I mean.

Favourite - look at that button!

Again a favourite - the button!

And a collection of four!
I have a couple of crochet projects on the go at the moment - I won't start any more as I actually want to finish some of them.  So I have a scrappy moss stitch scarf on the go and the other one is using Attic 24s pattern the Harmony Blanket - I didn't go for the beautiful soft colours that she did, rather I limited my palette to four colours, with grey as being my background colour.  It's easier to crochet on the commute home (bus) than sew, good thing I had it with me yesterday, as there was a delay on the motorway which didn't bother me as it meant more time to crochet!  I am using the system that many other crocheters use which is make x amount of squares (i.e. the first round) and then do the second round on all of them then the third and so on, it does make you feel like you are making blocks a lot faster.  Rough count I have I'd say 40 plus squares made, didn't get a chance to do a fresh "block" count!


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