Wednesday, 13 September 2017


So everyone is definitely settled back into school finally.  No big change in our house to be honest, kids are used to the routine. 

We spent the weekend moving rooms and I managed to get my crafting room back, yippee!  This time I have more furniture in it so that I can keep my supplies more organised. Up until now my crafting "stuff" was all over the sitting room on various shelves, ah it was crazy, I could never find anything and then if the dogs got their paws on it!

I had a bit of a meltdown on Sunday as I was convinced I'd lost my "labels".  I searched high and low, nowhere to be found.  Luckily they turned up the next day, son no. 2 found them downstairs which was great because I had only ordered them and it was the guts of about 40 labels that were missing.

Hubby made me a lovely hot chocolate to calm things down, it worked!

In addition to one of the boys coming in to my room when the hot chocolate arrived, I had another helper... you guessed it Rosie!  She ended up sleeping in the drawer in my desk, happy days.

Too cute.

Once all my crafty bits were safely returned to the crafting room, I managed to prep several baby balls and hairclips.

Now I feel more collected and not so stressed about finding stuff. 

Have a good week wherever you are.