Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Going back to basics.
I've been hemming and hawing about this decision for ages.  The first step was to take Facebook off my phone, a couple of weeks later I deactivated my account totally.  Any regrets?
No none at all. 
 I work in a busy office, there's always deadlines to meet and so on, but I found that on my commute home I was scrolling through pure and utter rubbish.  I couldn't see any of my "friends" feeds unless I went looking for them and to be honest I couldn't be bothered.  I see my friends face to face and otherwise we WhatsApp each other.  Then there's forced "friends" and I just can't deal with two facedness, it drives me nuts!
One reason I procrastinated over it was my sole trading business.  I must have FB to share my pics etc and then I realised that I hadn't been busy at all last year.  I have neglected my home ie décor etc, also most importantly it has always been running at a loss and I am using up my weekends trying to finish something that should not take so long.  So another decision, I've closed my business name. It was running at a loss but causing me loads of headaches. 

I can say that I don't miss reaching for my phone "checking" Facebook.  One more year of doing an income tax return, it's like a weight lifting off my shoulders.
In the meantime I have been busy crocheting.  Since putting my Etsy Shop on holiday mode I have finished off my moss stitch scarf, it took two years to the day. 
I finished a small blanket which again I started in 2017.
I am working towards finishing my Rosie Posie Blanket.  This will be for moi.  It will not be touched by her lady ship in the picture above, it will take pride of place on my bed!

I have in excess of 80 squares.  Hoping to squeeze a few more out before I give in and just starting wanting it finished.  I try to tie in the ends as is advised as I go along, but sometimes I don't so I am just catching up on those squares that were neglected!
Signing off for today!

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