Monday, 5 March 2018


And we thankfully survived Storm Emma and the Beast from the East.  For us in Balbriggan it's pretty much all gone, melted away.  I was envious of my friends who got snowed in etc but now that I can move freely and drive etc I am glad that it's gone, for us at least.
Work was closed from Wednesday afternoon until today due to the Red Alert.  Transport etc all come to a stop.  I wasn't complaining.  I managed to tuck in to my Rosie Posie quilt and get it done and dusted!!
Here she is!  I am so proud of this blanket.  I made it using CherryHeart's tutorial.  I started this over a year ago, and finally managed to get all the squares joined.  I added about four rounds of trebles for the border and then a shell border.  Thursday night whilst watching Pitch Perfect and listening to the gales howling outside, I tied in all the ends, too many to count, now that's the ends from joining, not the squares themselves, had them sorted ages ago.  Sorry in advance for the overkill of photos!



Another border shot!

 I took a couple of days off to finish off another order and thought about what to make next.  HEXAGONS of course!  Solid hexies.  The yarn I am using is by Sirdar, and is multi coloured yarn, 30% wool.  Flying through the hexies.  Thinking already about how to join them but that's still a little way away! 
Happy hooking all!

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